What Makes Engineering as a Wrong Career Path?

Prologue: This takes almost 6 hours to understand about the issues to write this post. It is fully concentrated on the issue of Unemployment.

Strange Results

When i am searching for something about engineering studies, I found some strange results…

And see the results which i got…

I got surprised with these results and it makes me to go through with these topics…  I read all those topics & relevant topics with full involvement because i am also an engineer.

We can start with past and expectations on engineering stream

Glorious days of Engineering

In the late 90s early 2000s, there was a there was a biggest shortage of engineers. The industries were done everything upto their power to fill the vacancies and the salary rate of engineers were increased in a  powerfully  and mysteriously attractive rate of 10 to 30%.

This demand made biggest revolution in Engineering education. Yes!,  this urged  all the politicians, entrepreneurs to start more government as well as private engineering colleges. India had started to produce more engineers in jet speed to supply the engineers as per the demand.

The delicious carrots (demand and attractive salary) were enough to seduce the students and parents. Those people start lived in a dreams of future in engineering and they rushed to enroll the engineering seats.

Nothing is stabilized in the world

Engineering college numbers are in increases year by year.. oh no no no.. its day by day(till now), without analyzing the sustainability of the demand.

Look out the number of  engineering institutions (includes ITI, Diploma,Engineering) in India till 2013.

 Number of Engineering seats (only Bech. of Engg) in india till 2013.

Its unbelievable but true.. there are almost  more than 15,00,000 Engineers are coming out from various the engineering colleges.

So many students and parents are moving towards  the Engineering stream without  checking the real ‘job’ market scenario, future scope of graduating engineer and quality of engineering colleges.

Facts which cannot deny

                                 In the last 10 years annual demand for graduated engineers has increased by 19%. – from 1.6 lakh to 1.9lakh, but out coming new engineering graduates rate is increase form  2.7lakh to 15lakh , about  >350%.

                              Basically , whenever there is demand for something, our greedy entrepreneurs  runs to the space without thinking sustainability and exact demands. This leads to low quality of educational prospects. Many engineering colleges are lagging in proper infrastructure, basic facilities and well qualified faculties.

                                  The graduates coming out are not really skilled or knowledgeable enough to grab the job once they have degrees in their hand. Even some students are not getting their degree , where they are not good enough to complete the degree with in the time duration.

                                     India lacks in adequate industrial infrastructure too. We are much depended on MNC industries.

So, we are now left with a situation here

Based on article in economic times: A million engineers in India struggling to get placed in an extremely challenging market

Somewhere between a fifth to a third of the million students graduating out of India’s engineering colleges run the risk of being unemployed. Others will take jobs well below their technical qualifications in a market where there are few jobs for India’s overflowing technical talent pool. Beset by a flood of institutes (offering a varying degree of education) and a shrinking market for their skills, India’s engineers are struggling to subsist in an extremely challenging market.

According to multiple estimates, India trains around 1.5 million engineers, which is more than the US and China combined. However, two key industries hiring these engineers — information technology and manufacturing — are actually hiring fewer people than before.

For example, India’s IT industry, a sponge for 50-75% of these engineers will hire 50,000 fewer people this year, according to Nasscom. Manufacturing, too, is facing a similar stasis, say HR consultants and skills evaluation firms.

This muddled equation is now showing signs of social and economic strain across the country. Frustrated engineers are taking jobs for which they are overqualified and, therefore, underpaid.

A few exceptions have even turned to crime. According to media reports, Manjunath Reddy, a civil engineer, turned to chain snatching in Thane, a suburb of Mumbai, to support his young family. While he used some money to buy a small flat in peripheral Mumbai, his failure to net a job drove him to crime, he told the police when caught.

A global economic slowdown may have only worsened what is already a bad problem, say others such as Amit Bansal, co-founder of Purple Leap, a skills assessment firm, which routinely gauges the capabilities of students across these institutes.

“Even without this slowdown, there are a large number of students who won’t get a job,” he says. Bansal estimates that, at best, there are 150,000-200,000 jobs generated annually in the Indian economy and far too many engineers attacking this labour pool.

What’s more, India’s technical talent pool is also warped, with almost the same number of engineers as technical graduates from institutes such as ITI. “In developed markets, there is usually one engineer for every ten,” says Bansal. This skew is only compounding the woes of engineers in India.

Based on article in new indian express: 70% Engineering Graduates Unemployed in State

                    E Balagurusamy, former Vice-Chancellor of Anna University said, the statistic clearly showed there was no manpower planning done either at the national or State level about the number of engineering graduates needed. “We are increasing the number of colleges and intake without any nationallevel policy. Engineering education is a four-level education with ITI, diploma, UG (BE, BTech) and PG (ME, MTech). We should assess the requirement at these four stages and work out a national policy,” he said.

“Today only 20 per cent of engineering graduates employment is suitable to their qualifiaction. Another 10 per cent are poorly employed as constables, supervisors in hotels. Nearly 70 per cent are unemployed,” Balagurusamy said.

“There is no growth in the manufacturing sector, which alone will give guaranteed employment. Recruitment is done only by IT and IT enabled companies. The increase in engineering seats is not made in relation to the employment opportunities available in the country,” he said.

Future of Engineers

I know very well that Nothing is going to happen by writing like this. Somehow we need to find the better solution. I dont have hope that our government’s national policy regarding this issues. Then it become as individual problem, It means individual problem of 15,00,000 graduates every year. So somehow we need to get out from ourself from this issue..

Funny but Fact: Technologies IN & Humans OUT

 We are responsible for our most of the problems. We engineers worked hard and invented new technologies and we mad everything simple and easier manner. The technologies provides automated and most efficient results which also reduced the human work.

Now our technologies overtakes our places and kicks out us. Our inventions became as a unbeatable competitor for us.

~~~Think and Do~~~


Sukesh Radhakrishnan [SRK]


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