Role of Print Media in Indian Democracy

Role of Print Media in Indian Democracy


Indian Print Media is the largest Print Media and Newspaper market in the world with over 100 million copies sold each day and is over 230 years old. The existence of a free, independent and powerful media is the cornerstone of a democracy, especially of a highly mixed society like India.

The pivotal role of the media is its ability to mobilize the thinking process of millions. Technically a democracy stands on the pillars of judiciary, executive and legislature. But with the rise of the press and its power to reach every nook and corner of the state it can also be considered as the fourth pillar of a democracy.


Twenty first century is the century of knowledge. In the present world order, modern democratic nations are undergoing a state of knowledge revolution where media play a vital role.

In a democratic state, elimination of social evils is the principle objective of a free and independent media. It contains public grievances and reflects public opinion.  It creates social consciousness in establishing a healthy social order. It ensures good governance through transparency and accountability in the system of governance.

The Print media can perform its true role as a guardian of the public interest, a watchdog and a source of all kinds of information.

It is the linking point between the government and the public in eliciting public opining regarding functional efficiency of the organs such as the executive, legislature and judiciary of the state.

It should be involved in constructive criticisms to bring reformation by checking irregularities and discrepancies of any type.

It makes us aware of various activities from fields like politics, sports, economic social etc. It is also like a mirror which shows the bare truth and sometimes it may be harsh. However it plays a crucial role in shaping the public minds. Media plays an important role in shaping the democracy. It is called as backbone of democracy. It empowers the citizens by information. Media arranges the debate so different views regarding same issue could be put forth.

Where media remain silent, a totalitarian state of order emerges and continues to exist as long as people in that state of order live with a state of uncertainty, mal-administration, and mis-governance and autocratic administration where citizens are denied to enjoy their freedom and liberty. To arrest the menace of this state of order, democracy is the ultimate solution.


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